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2021-2022 NCAA Hockey Picks

Whether you are a new or professional punter, you will agree that betting on NCAA hockey can be pretty challenging. There are several conferences and non-conference hockey games played each season. Besides that, you need to consider many variables to make the best predictions that have the highest possibility of winning.

Type of NCAA Hockey Betting Picks

Moneyline betting is one of the most common markets that bettors go for in sports betting, including NCAA hockey. This is because the option is straightforward. When you place a Moneyline bet on a team, you are simply predicting that the team will win the match.

Today’s Free College Hockey Picks

We want to help you win when you bet on your favorite NCAA hockey teams and conferences. This is why we do not limit our picks to premium players. Instead, we provide free tips and predictions that span through different conferences, from the Big Ten to the Hockey East.

NCAA Championship Tournament Predictions

The National Collegiate Hockey Conference is the men’s NCAA Division 1 hockey. There are six conferences in college hockey: Big 10, Atlantic Hockey, Hockey East, WCHA, and NCHC. Each conference plays conference games in the regular season. Some teams play 34 games, while others, like Alaska, play less.

NCAA Hockey Rankings

As a bettor, checking the rankings of college hockey teams can be a good way to help you identify the right teams to bet your money on. With the rankings, you can know who the underdogs and favorites are in a conference. For example, North Dakota is currently ranked first with 795 points, based on the USCHO rankings.

Hockey Draft Betting

The NHL Entry Draft is a mechanism that every franchise in the National Hockey League uses to select players from colleges and universities into their team. It is an annual meeting, and only players that meet the eligibility requirements can be selected in the draft. As a bettor, you can bet on the draft by predicting which team will sign a player.

Enjoy Top Picks Beyond NCAA Hockey

At Sqore, we do more than just provide you with the best college hockey tips. We also give you insight into how prediction works and the key elements that can help tip the scale of your betting experience from poor to great.