irish field hockey

What is the national governing body for hockey in Ireland?

Hockey Ireland is the National Governing Body for the sport of field hockey in Ireland. Governing the 32 counties of Ireland, the Association is responsible for the management and overall development of all areas of the sport.

How many schools are affiliated with Hockey Ireland?

The sport’s approximate 168 clubs and 280 schools are affiliated to Hockey Ireland through its Branch network. The Irish Hockey Umpires Association, which manages the sport’s umpire base, and the Irish Universities Hockey Association, which governs the sport in Ireland’s university system, are also affiliated to Hockey Ireland.

How many times has Ireland qualified for the Hockey World Cup?

The team was organised by the Irish Hockey Union (IHU) prior to the IHA’s formation in 2000, Ireland has qualified for the Hockey World Cup twice, finishing 12th in 1978 and 1990. The team won silver medals at the 1908 Olympic tournament in London, losing the final to England.

What is the oldest sport in Ireland?

Hurling: A traditional Irish Sport. A uniquely Irish game, Hurling is one of the world’s oldest field sports and has been played in some form in Ireland for more than 800 years. It is often compared to hockey but other than the fact that both games involve a stick and a ball there is no similarity.

What is a hurl stick?

Some people have called it a mixture of hockey and war! The curved wooden stick with a flat end is known as a hurl or hurley, or in Irish a camán [say:come-awn], and is made from a single piece of wood, traditionally Ash. The lower end, or blade, is flat on both sides. metal bands are often used around the blades, as on the left, …

How fast can a hurley go?

The game’s speed and skill come from the ability required to catch andcontrol the hard ball. It can travel at up to 150 km/hour (93 miles perhour), and a good strike of the hurley can propel the ball over 80metres (262 feet).

How fast can a hurling ball travel?

When first seeing a hurling match, the impression is of great speed and on closer observation of remarkable skill and dexterity – it is truly not easy to catch and control a small hard ball travelling at up to 150km/hr (about 90 mph)!

How long has hurling been around?

A uniquely Irish game, Hurling is one of the world’s oldest field sports and has been played in some form in Ireland for more than 800 years.

How to experience Irish life?

For a real experience of Irish life, call into a GAA club on an evening when there is training in progress. You will be welcomed, someone will be happy to explain what is going on and will get a real grasp of how the game works by watching teams and individuals learn their skills. There are GAA clubs in pretty much every parish in Ireland, so just ask a local.

How many paces can a player carry the ball in a hurley?

Once caught in the hand a player can carry the ball for no more than three paces, but is allowed to balance it on the blade of the hurley while running. As well as striking the ball with the hurley, players can kick the ball or strike it with their hand.

How far can a ball go in a football game?

Play moves rapidly up and down the pitch since it is possible for a good player to send the ball over 80 metres (about 260 feet) with a single strike. Scoring tends to be frequent, especially of points.