ice hockey

How Does Icing Work in the NHL?

This rule involves the lines on the rink, which are known as the blue and red lines. Icing occurs when a hockey player at one side of the rink flips the puck to the other side of the rink. The puck then crosses the red goal line.

How Has Icing Changed Over the Years?

Icing used to be the go-to play when teams wanted to make line changes. They would send the puck down the ice and provide adequate time for teams to change tired players for rested players. This no longer is allowed as the NHL decided that teams that ice the puck have to keep their players on the ice – no swaps are allowed.

Conclusion on the Icing Rule in Hockey

Although the rule should be simple, you can see why some people have a tough time understanding when and why an icing call is made on the ice. Sometimes especially when watching on TV, you might see an obvious icing situation occur but it doesn’t end up getting called.

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