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worldnewsera.comImage: worldnewsera.com2021 Fantasy Hockey Rankings: Defensemen 1)Roman Josi2) John Carlson 3) Dougie Hamilton 4) Victor Hedman As long as they’re healthy,it’s extremely likely that these guys all finish in the top 10 defensemen. 5) Cale Makar 6) Shea Theodore 7) Brent Burns From a points perspective,Makar could be …

Who are the top fantasy hockey draft picks for 2021-22?

Connor McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, and Auston Matthews lead the 2021-22 rankings. Edmonton Oilers teammates Leon Draisaitl (L) and Connor McDavid (R) lead the way in ESPN’s 2021-22 fantasy hockey draft rankings.

Where can I find fantasy hockey for the 2022-23 NHL season? ranks the top 10 rookies in standard fantasy hockey leagues for the 2022-23 season. For more fantasy coverage, visit and subscribe for free to the NHL Fantasy on Ice podcast. A comprehensive list of all 2022 NHL free agents and signings, including stories and analysis.

Who are the best fantasy hockey players in the NHL?

Marner is among the best playmakers in the league and will continue to be a dynamic fantasy player on the star-studded Leafs. Kucherov has missed a lot of time the past 2 seasons, but he is an MVP candidate when healthy.

What are the different categories in fantasy hockey?

Standard fantasy categories: goals, assists, plus/minus, power-play points, shots on goal and hits for skaters; wins, goals-against average, save percentage and shutouts for goalies.

What is the 2nd overall pick?

The 2019 2nd overall pick will be looking to recover from one of the worst rookie seasons in recent memory. Voracek’s shots, and goals alike, plummeted in 2019-2020.

What happened to Laine’s production?

Laine’s trade to the Blue Jackets killed his production. A scenery change would greatly impact his value.

Is McDavid a cheat?

McDavid is a cheat code. He’ll be at the top of this list for a long time.

Who took over PP1?

Fox took over the PP1 in New York and never looked back. Fox will continue to be an elite fantasy producer.

Is Couturier a bright spot?

Couturier was one of Philadelphia’s few bright spots this season. With a career high S%, his goals should decline but as Philly bounces back, so should his assist totals.

Did Ehlers have a good PP?

Ehlers finally had some solid PP deployment and he did well with it. Unfortunate that his best season was cut short by an injury.

Is the best player of his generation still got it?

The best player of his generation has still got it. One knock against him is his durability, but he can be the most dynamic player in the league.

2021-22 Fantasy Hockey Top 200

Below is my list of the Top 200 players for this season. I’ll have a post on Friday with bold predictions from JKJ and myself. There’s a couple things I’d like to mention before I start the list. Please, blog, may I have some more?

2021-22 Fantasy Hockey Top 100 Forwards

We wrap up the forward rankings today with the Top 100. If you’ve missed the early parts, you can start with the Top 60 here and go backwards from there. In a few days, I’ll have my Top 200 list out and before you know it, the season will be starting.

2021-22 Fantasy Hockey Top 60 Forwards

We’re keeping things moving right now with the Top 60 forwards. For those who missed the beginning of the forward rankings, you can see the Top 40 here. JKJ is cranking out his team previews right now so be sure to check those out! There’s a lot of great stuff in each section. And with that, let’s get going!

2021-22 Fantasy Hockey Top 40 Forwards

And now we move to where around half of your starters come from. The guys who really put up the points, the forwards. Because I cover so many forwards in the Top 20 overall (18 to be exact), this post will cover the top 40 forwards instead of only the top twenty. From there on out, each post will be 20 players. Let’s get right to it!

2021-22 Fantasy Hockey Top 40 Defensemen

We’re keeping it moving here at Razzball with the Top 40 defensemen. If you didn’t see the top 20, you can read that here. I have some good news as well! JKJ, who writes on the baseball side of things, is going to be helping me out with hockey this year. He’s going to have a weekly post during the season to focus on streaming.

2021-22 Fantasy Hockey Top 20 Defensemen

We’re moving out from the crease to the blue liners in my rankings. Today, I’ll be going through the top 20 defensemen with the Top 40 coming out later in the week. Let’s get right to it! 1) Cale Makar – Covered in the Top 20 overall here.

2021-22 Fantasy Hockey Goaltending Rankings

Things have changed quite a bit with goaltending in the NHL since I started writing at Razzball. When I started, there were tons of workhorses with very few teams using a platoon. Now, more than half of the teams have a duo where the backup is getting at least 1/3 of the starts, if not a complete split.

Why did Robert Bortuzzo sit out of practice?

Robert Bortuzzo was "dinged up" in Saturday’s 4-1 loss to Dallas, according to Craig Berube, and he sat out of Monday’s practice for maintenance reasons.

How many goals did the Blues score in the 2-0 loss to Vegas?

After looking lost against Arizona and giving up two shorties against Dallas, the Blues overcame a 2-0 deficit and scored five unanswered goals to beat Vegas.

How many NHL teams are there?

We’re previewing all 32 NHL teams in order of predicted regular-season finish, according to Dom’s model.

What was the score of the Blues’ third period?

The killer came in the third period: the Blues trailed 2-1 and went on back-to-back PPs, but surrendered another to Hintz.

When did Schenn leave the San Jose game?

Schenn hasn’t played since Nov. 4 against San Jose, when he left the game and didn’t return. The injury stemmed from a previous game against Chicago.

Is Max Pacioretty back in the Golden Knights?

Max Pacioretty has been removed from the injured reserve and is expected to return to the Golden Knights lineup tonight.

Who has missed the Blues last 8 games?

Brayden Schenn, who has missed the Blues’ last eight games with an upper-body injury, skated with the team Monday morning.

Why are fantasy hockey tiers stacked?

The tiers are stacked with many more players with minimal separation because those groupings can have the most similar stats at the end of the year. However, in fantasy hockey, a player in a specific tier can often easily slide into a tier above or below. Yet it’s unlikely for players to jump multiple tiers.

How many games does player A play in a division?

Player A goes up against the top-ranked defense and goalie in a given division for eight games, while player B goes against the bottom-ranked defense and goalie in a division. Many people would argue that player B could be ranked higher and may have more upside, as it should be.

When will Patrick Kane be back in 2021?

Jan 6, 2021. Patrick Kane could struggle alongside a downgraded supporting cast this season. With the NHL and NHLPA recently agreeing on terms for the regular season and playoffs, not much time remains for us to prepare for the upcoming fantasy hockey season.

Who is Mat Vilcek?

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