college hockey scores

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What is a low kick point?

A stick with a low kick point is designed to flex at the bottom of the shaft, features a very quick shot release, and doesn’t generate as much raw shot power as other stick designs. Generally speaking, this stick is best for players (usually forwards) who value quick wrist shots over powerful slap shots.

What is the difference between elite and entry level sticks?

The main differences between entry and elite-level offerings are in construction materials and design technologies. Entry-level composite sticks use more fiberglass and other inferior materials, while elite sticks use much more carbon fiber and include advanced features like special shaft and taper designs to provide superior performance.

What is a CCM hockey stick?

CCM hockey sticks offer innovation, power, and response for players of every age and at every level of play. Each family—Tacks, Ribcor, and Jetspeed—is designed to elevate your game, no matter your style. Shop all CCM ice hockey sticks.

How often should I play composite sticks?

If you’re a new adult player who expects to play once a week or more, it makes sense to shop for a performance-level composite stick with some top features to help you score more goals and maximize your performance. Moderately experienced players should take a look at both performance-level and elite-level sticks.

What is warrior hockey?

Warrior hockey, one of the newest heavy hitters on the market, features innovative designs and advanced technologies in its products. Both the Covert and Alpha families offer dynamic models to help every player maximize their game. Shop all Warrior hockey sticks.

Is wood stick cheaper than composite?

However, wood sticks are remarkably inexpensive, compared with even the cheapest composite stick.

Is hockey a personal game?

We get it—hockey is a personal game. You need the perfect stick to elevate your game to the next level. Whether you prefer a composite or wood stick, or if you’re in the market for a new shaft or blade, Pure Hockey has what you’re looking for.